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Individual, couples, and family therapies are available for California residents. Treatment modalities include psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral, somatic, and mindfulness-based therapies.


Consultation is offered for individuals outside of California and for therapists or other providers who wish to learn about effective treatment interventions for non-monogamous individuals, couples, and parents.


Find resources on polyamory and non-monogamy and connect with the community.


Dr. Jennifer Fernández is a licensed Clinical Psychologist who specializes in helping non-monogamous people navigate the unique issues that come with non-traditional relationship strategies. She has extensive experience treating trauma and helping patients restore healthy intimacy and sexuality in their lives.

Common reasons people seek her services include opening up a monogamous relationship, addressing jealousy, and navigating boundaries with multiple partners. Her therapeutic style is compassionate and non-judgmental but she will also be direct and challenge you to deeply examine your choices. One of her main objectives is creating a safe, confidential environment where you feel comfortable to explore your choices.

Dr. Fernández is a bilingual therapist and offers treatment in Spanish. (PSY 26573)

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